“These guys are talented, enthusiastic, and creative! They have a great perception of a perfect wedding style that exactly fits your couple. The movies fully reflect the atmosphere of the wedding, and the recordings from the creative day separately are also wonderful.”


“They put their heart and soul into their job! The final result is the perfect evidence of it.
We are happy that we chose them!”


“As a vendor, it was a pleasure to work with them. They are young, talented, yet experienced and professional-minded. I like their vision and attitude. I hope we will work together many more times. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.”

Balint Matuk – MC

“The videos are fantastic, super team! I heartily recommend them to everyone!”


“Goosebumps… a breathtaking, re-watched hundreds of times, cinema experience… incredible…”

Viktoria Jaloveczky, MC

“An accurate, reliable, precise team. I have had the opportunity to work with them several times and they have never let me down. I’m glad I found such a reliable team that I know will always provide the same high quality.”


“Young and talented professionals.”

Peter Csizmadia, MC

“We only can recommend the lads to everyone, as always, they have done a professional job now!”


“Great and creative work. Highly recommended. Thanks guys.”


“They were flexible and invisible on the day of our wedding! They created an amazing short film that friends and relatives have watched several times and every time it brings tears to their faces.”

Niki & Ben

“I worked with these guys as a service provider!
We understood each other perfectly, there was no miscommunication between us, even though we were working together for the first time!
We created a scenario, everything went smoothly.
Young people with very good ideas and with excellent equipment!
I am happy to recommend them!”

Bence Dobra, MC

“Everything happened as we had planned in advance! The meeting and the wedding day went in a very good mood. They are fair, reliable, talented, flexible and work with a heart. They are patient and persistent in the post-production. It’s a great pleasure to always look back at the recordings.”

Angi & Gergo

“They’re conscientious, precise, they work fast! All along we felt that they truly wanted to create videos that we would be happy with.”


The coolest!


“Highly recommending the B-Married crew – professional, flexible, reliable team. They created perfect videos for the first time! Our rating is the highest.”


“Everything went as we had discussed before, they worked almost unnoticed at the wedding. They were completely flexible in the post-production, no matter how small the changes we asked for. We’ve received the videos what we exactly wanted, they perfectly reflect the atmosphere of our wedding, and we have been proud to show it to anyone ever since. I can only recommend them to everyone.”

Kinga & Daniel